There is no doubt you have many questions circulating in your mind regarding how a photo booth works, how it is used by your guests and just a general overview of what you get. With many photo booths circulating on the market it can be difficult to determine what is right for you and what will add to the overall enjoyment of your event. Throughout this page, we hope to answer any of the many questions you may have, however if we haven’t feel free to contact us anytime.

What is a Photo Booth?

Whilst you may have some understanding of what a photo booth is through personal experience or surfing the web there are some aspects which are often overlooked. Traditionally photo booths are of the “closed” type, this usually being a sit in unit which at best can fit up to 3-4 guests. These types of booths are often bulky, hard to handle and an eyesore. We are not denying they may be suitable for your event, however as technology continues to be refined there are better options available.

There’s a reason iPhones dominate the market, new is better, are we right? Also, depending on the age and condition of the traditional type booth you can be short changed with obsolete camera’s, screens and silly push button interfaces.

Photo booths by the modern understanding are of the “open” style, this being a stand in front of unit which can capture more than 20 guests at any one time. This form of photo booth is growing in popularity and quickly dominating the market as it enables more of your guests to get involved and create lasting group memories. There are numerous benefits for choosing our open photo booth. To name a few every component within the photo booth is of the highest quality and at the cutting edge of technology. From our touchscreen monitor, to our photographer quality camera, to our remarkably quick printer, no expense has been spared.

Don’t be fooled! Some photo booths use webcam quality cameras generating pixelated mediocre images, others use cheaper inferior printers generating poorer quality prints and will have you standing around waiting for your prints, just to name a few.

Over and above at Suave we recognise the little aspects to tailor your event and satisfy all your needs. As mentioned above the closed photo booth may be more suitable for your event. This could be due to lack of space within the venue, the desire for privacy when using the booth or to match the theme of your party. To satisfy these issues we provide two enclosure options which by far trump the traditional booth look. The first an inflatable cube that can fit up to 6 guests and add to the overall appeal and backdrop of any event. The second a pop up marquee that can fit up to 5 guests and create the VIP feel at any event.

Why get a Photo Booth?

So now you know a bit about photo booths, why should you get one at your next event? The best way to describe the ambiance a photo booth creates is by experiencing it first hand in all its glory, however if it were put into words it would be something like this.

February 2017

Photo booths encourage your guests to mingle with one another, creating a talking point and unparalleled level of interaction. You’ll see your shy cousin pulling faces you’ve never seen before.

They capture your event for what it is not the mundane generic poses we all do when someone says, “say cheese”. See your guests at their most open moments, pun intended.

The printed photo-strip or image is little piece of memory you get to keep, which will keep you smiling for months ahead. These strips end up on the fridge, on the bedroom mirror, in wallets and are a constant reminder of the night.

Above all else it’s the natural progression of events into the future. Where the traditional photographer captures the night the photo booth captures the people and shares their moments with one another just like your own personal social media network.

How our Photo Booth Works

Now that you’re presumably hooked on Suave let’s get into how our photo booth is made and what it’s made of. You’ll be surprised how much effort has gone in to creating the ultimate open photo booth.

The booth is manufactured in Australia by an Australian based organisation specialising in photo booth construction with a heavy presence in the industry, and I quote, “We are one of the Godfathers of the photo booth industry”.

By tapping into this experience, we have a photo booth with the following details:

February 2017

Fully assembled and dissembled within 15 minutes into three easy carry bags. This enables our booth to be used in any location, think bring upstairs or fitting through narrow door ways.

The frame is constructed from black powder coated aluminium which creates a sturdy and strong resistance to the fumbling and failing arms of guests as can only be expected.

The front and back panels are sturdy acrylic boards which can be interchangeable easily. This enables us to put your logo or event name directly on our booth for boosted personal effect.

There is no requirement for awkward umbrella photography lighting as the photo booths in-built flash is adjusted to suit any lighting level and create photographer quality photos every time.

The internal equipment is of the highest quality with brands such as Canon and DNP filling the contents. From our point of view this ensure equipment is long lasting, from yours it ensures the equipment is reliable and dependable.

The User Interface

You may be thinking, well that is all well and good but it sounds complicated, however this is far from the case. The booth touchscreen doubles as a computer with what we believe is the best photo booth software on the market. This software is known as Breeze and creates a simple interface for your guests to get the most out of their experience in the shortest time possible.

February 2017

1. Essentially on approach after your guests have chosen their props the attendant will show your guests to the correct position. The booth then provides two options, “Colour” or “Black and White”

2. After choosing they will be promoted with a countdown and a real-time view of themselves on the screen. The booth will then take the first photo, then another countdown will begin for the second photo and so on and so forth. Keep in mind we can adjust the number of photos and size to best suit your needs.

3. The guest(s) will then be prompted with a screen asking whether they would like to email the photos to themselves or upload the photos to Facebook. Keep in mind this is subject to Wi-Fi availability at your venue.

4. Lastly the screen will prompt the user that the photos are being printed, which come out in seconds. These are printed onto your personalised photo strip at which point your guests can choose to place one in the guest book. This entire process has been refined to be surprisingly quick so your guests aren’t standing around waiting.