It’s no secret that the Suave Photo Booth is one of the most versatile and portable Photo Booth’s available, we thought we would test out just how compatible and durable it is by joining in on the festivities for the Tour Down Under.

The Tour Down Under is a global event that hit’s South Australia once a year, cyclist’s test their endurance, strength and stamina in the unpredictable South Australian terrain during the hottest part of the Australian summer.

Perhaps the most significant and definitely the most scenic off all the courses in South Australia is the Willunga/Aldinga route. It was the perfect opportunity to get a Photo Booth beachside ready for the race and any after parties that followed.

To commemorate Suave’s inclusion beachside, a promotional sign was constructed to direct onlookers to the Photo Booth. The sign was over 7 metres wide and was able to guide fans to Suave Headquarters for a quick snap! The day went splendidly and it was fantastic to be able to have access to quality photography and printing even in the most remote of locations.

After the cyclists had completed 3 laps around the Suave Photo Booth sign it was time to venture upstairs to the beach house and test the Photo Booth in a more intimate environment. The after party consisted of 10 guests and was a perfect end to an action packed day full of sun and laughter.

The mobility of the Suave Photo Booth was imperative in setting up the Photo Booth at two spots in one outing. The sleek design and size was also a massive advantage in assembling in a more unorthodox setting. Whether your beachside with a potential audience of over one hundred, or in the beach house with an audience of just under a dozen, Suave is able to tailor it’s service to your event, no matter how imaginative or creative it is!