The conventional photo booth has been a big hit for parties during the last few decades. Consumer’s became accustomed to a relatively small market and a universal kind of Photo Booth that was considered quite difficult in obtaining. The size and weight of this kind of Photo Booth made it’s presence quite rare at events and to have the privilege of using one, it would be a task that would involve going to a location with the primary interest of using it.

As time went by the popularity of this Photo Booth gave many people the idea of actually bringing the booth to the people rather than bringing the people to the booth. It was the birth of a relatively new industry as it become the ‘in thing’ to get a Photo Booth for an event. A Photo Booth during the early to late 2000’s was a retro feature to a party that was sure to bring the wow factor. Similar to an arcade style unit it brought people back to a simpler time, one that some remembered fondly or some did not have the privilege of being part of.

This Photo Booth unit had an air of romance to it, but as far as technology and style are concerned it become vastly outdated. The size, weight and overall clunky look was not necessary for the end product. For some kind’s of events a retro and 80’s style unit would add value, but to majority of nowadays events that crave that slim and sexy feel it was just impossible to incorporate. The industry began aware of such limitations and thus the ‘Open Booth’ Was born.

Original models of Open booth’s featured an almost kiosk style unit that did not enclose users. Initially the general consensus around such models were centred around notions of disparity towards being a Photo Booth and there were questions asked as to whether a Slimline unit could still be considered part of the Photo Booth family. Change was likely to bring doubt especially with such a classic model that had little to no variations in over a decade.

The Open Booth began to make waves as problems with design and size became overturned. The Open Booth soon escaped that clunky look and moved to a more slim and sexy style. The most notable benefit was the customisability and quality of products involved. Open Booth’s were built so that the latest camera’s, printer’s, flash, software could be replaced or upgraded when necessary. They were also much more user friendly and gave user’s the freedom and compatibility that normal Photo Booth’s lacked.

The Open Booth can now be considered an integral part of the Photo Booth family and all initial doubts have been eradicated. The industry now has a dual option and the Open booth has in turn strengthened the industry as a whole. It can be quite easy to understand why user’s and suppliers are now preferring Open Booth’s. Newer is always better and especially in this case ‘Less is More’ The design is more than half the weight and size, it has superior parts and products and most notably it looks cleaner, sexier and modern.

An Open Booth is the option the industry now prefers. it;s not only for the before mentioned reasons, most notably users love that it is compatible. Old Style Photo Booths have one form, one look, the premise around must blend to the enormity of the Photo Booth. Open Booth’s will blend to the environment around it. Small and classier events have a stylish and clean unit that takes up little to no space. Weddings and parties have the ability to choose the enclosure, VIP look, tent style, Inflatable housing or even a backdrop.

This flexibility and compatibility has been the game changer in the Photo Booth industry. Think Microsoft to the computer or Facebook to the Social Media scene. It’s simply an improvement and a modernisation the industry was craving.